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The Farmhouse of Flavours, Traditions and History

"Family farming is more than a profession: it is a way of life".
Far from urban chaos, made of rhythms, sometimes frantic and unnecessarily compulsive. Close to nature, to the simplicity of life and in direct contact with the Earth.

An open-air museum in Benevento, with Roman, Samnite and Lombard ruins.
Medieval Benevento with the castle, its historic centre and the infinite beauties, the surroundings with villages perched on the hills of the Sannio, one of the most beautiful areas in Campania.

PietrelcinaPesco SannitaSant'Agata de' GotiLago di teleseZoo delle MaitineArco di TraianoBenevento

Pietrelcina is famous for being linked to the life and sanctification of Padre Pio. The village, despite its important place in religious tourism, preserves its atmospheres intact. Visiting the places of Padre Pio, you can take a leap in time, in the customs and way of life of the late 19th and early 20th century in these areas.

Ours is a family farm with organic production, we are in Monteleone, of Lombard origin, today it is a district of Pesco Sannita, in the Benevento area, a territory rich in history, tradition, local architecture, legends and local culture.

Sant'Agata de' Goti is perhaps the most beautiful village in the Benevento area. The village perched on a basalt cliff with buildings plunging into the void. Here you will find the other most beautiful villages in Campania.

In the valley of the river Calore, not far from the Telese thermal baths, there is the Telese lake. It is a pond with a beautiful landscape. The Grassano Park in San Salvatore Telesino is a green area washed by the Grassano river, perfect for picnics, walks and canoe explorations.

The Maitine Zoo is a bio park located in Pesco Sannita, in the province of Benevento. it hosts over 300 animals in danger of extinction; none of them were taken from nature, but they come from exchanges with other zoos and recovery centers with a view to safeguarding the species and genetic variation of the populations in captivity.

The Arch of Trajan, built to celebrate the opening of the Via Traiana, which shortened the path from Benevento to Brindisi, is perfectly intact. The majestic arch still retains the sculptural decorations and is the best preserved Roman arch in Italy.

Capital of the homonymous province in Campania, initially called Maloenton by the native Osco-Samnite populations, only to be renamed by the ancient Romans first Maleventum and finally Beneventum, the city boasts a conspicuous historical-artistic and archaeological heritage, the result of the various dominations and affiliations that followed one another in the course of its history. Our store is located near the 'Ciro Vigorito' Stadium, in via Luigi Sturzo. Home delivery is also provided for the city of Benevento.

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