About Us

The district of flavors

A family, a history, a tradition, an Earth.

We own a family farm with organic production. We are located in Monteleone, a district of Pesco Sannita in the Benevento area, a territory rich in history, tradition, culture, local architecture and fantastic legends. We also have fields in Benevento, the city where the Janares danced frantically on the banks of the river Sabato around a walnut tree while performing their rites.

Land renowned for its high-quality agricultural production, chosen by the Lombards for its successful geographical position and the fertility of the hinterland which have favoured its extraordinary development.

We maintain ties with our land and culture . Here, our centuries-old olive trees are born, the gardens cultivated in the open field with quality raw materials, vegetables that derive from seeds of autochthonous varieties hand-worked with spades, pitchforks, hoes and other typical tools. A lot of hard work, but the awareness of respecting and loving our Earth!

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